Eyebrows On Fleek – 5 Tips to Grow Your Eyebrows Fast Naturally

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Do you have any idea how incredible the human body is?  It is absolutely amazing! So amazing that we are learning everyday new feats of wonder that it can do, and some of them will surprise you.  Take your eyebrows for example, did you know that they are not just there for you to have your Eyebrows On Fleek?  I am not kidding; our eyebrows actually have three specific functions:

  1.  The main function is to act as a barrier and stop sweat, water and things like dandruff or even small insects from getting into our eyes. 
  2. The second function of the eyebrows is to help us communicate our emotions to others more effectively.    The eyebrows serve as an indicator as to the best time to approach Dad to ask for some extra money yet again.
  3.  The third and more well-known function of the eyebrows is to enhance our beauty.  Yes some may argue that this is the most important but ask yourself this, how important is enhancing your beauty when some sweat gets into your eyes and starts burning like crazy.

So now that we know and can agree how important eyebrows are, it would not be ideal to be without eyebrows.  However, just like with the hair on our heads, our eyebrows, they don’t always cooperate.  This leaves some of us with eyebrows that sometimes look like they are now thinking of growing instead of actually being present.  To help you out of this situation and get your eyebrows on fleek, here are our top five tips to grow your eyebrows fast naturally.

Eat Right For Your Eyebrows

I know, I know, you may be thinking, how can what I eat really affect my Eyebrows?  It is as simple as this, we are what we eat.  You can see for yourself, check whether your hair is growing, your skin is dry or nails weak and brittle. If the answer is yes to any, then repeat after me, we are what we eat.   If you like and eat a lot of junk food and fast food and don’t drink enough water then something has to give.   

According to this article, our bodies average is between 50% – 75% water and that varies according to our age and gender.  As an adult up to 65% of our bodies is made of water, that is over half of our body’s percentage!  This means that getting enough water is crucial!  I know drinking water can be bland and boring so check out our tips
here for jazzing up your water intake.

Additionally, we can have a healthy balance of nutrition from including fruits and vegetables to our diet instead of fast food or greasy food only.  This much needed dose of nutrition helps to balance our hormones which help speed up the growth of our eyebrows.

Get Oiled Up

Growing up with Caribbean parents and grandparents, castor oil was a staple in the home.  It was used for literally everything one could think of including a supplement to aid in overall health.  After no longer having to be forced to take a spoonful every Sunday, as an adult I gladly stopped using castor oil.  Then after the birth of my son, I began to have the worst postpartum shedding ever. 

Thankfully, I remembered my roots and began using castor oil to restore my hair to its health and vibrancy again. Since eyebrows are basically hair, using castor oil will work just as well on getting them to grow fast naturally.

Castor works so well and quickly because it is made up of omega-9 essential fatty acids that aid in boosting healthy hair growth.  To use castor oil to grow your eyebrows this is what you need to do:

  1.  Gently rub organic or Jamaican black castor oil on to your eyebrows
  2.  Repeat this daily, ideally at night.

Brush Your Eyebrows

p>No, I don’t mean with your regular hair brush of course, you have to get a special brush for your eyebrows.  Why in the world would I need a brush for my eyebrows? Well because studies have shown that brushing your hair actually stimulates growth much faster.  

Eyebrows are no different, let’s face it who would not like to be massaged twice a day.  Think of using the brush for eyebrows like that, you are massaging your eyebrows and stimulating them to grow even faster and thicker naturally.  I recommend that you do this twice a day.

Take Your Vitamins

To also ensure that we are getting the adequate amount of vitamins and minerals needed – especially when our diet sometimes is lacking – we can take supplements as well.  The top recommended vitamins that will help your eyebrows to grow fast naturally are:

  1. Vitamin A – this is required for all cells to grow properly and hair is no exception. Vitamin A aids in the production of sebum which helps to promote hair health and helps to prevent hair loss.  If this is already included in the supplements you are taking then there is no need to use this as using too much of this vitamin can lead to several health issues.
  2. Vitamin C – this is recommended because of free radical fighting super powers.  Free radical damage can affect even the cells responsible for eyebrow health. Additionally Vitamin C helps the hair with its role in the production of Collagen which is an important component of hair.


Add some Herbs

I am sure I do not need to convince you of the benefits of using herbs in your diet.  You probably have heard of some home remedies using natural herbs for just about anything.  So the use of herbs in helping your eyebrows to grow thicker and faster naturally should not come as a total surprise.  The top herbs I recommend that will help to get your eyebrows on fleek are Fenugreek, Aloe Vera and Onions.

  1. Fenugreek Seeds are recommended for faster eyebrow growth because they contain protein as well as nicotinic acid which helps to stimulate growth and make eyebrows thicker.
  2.  Aloe Vera’s genetic makeup is similar to Keratin a vital component for hair growth and health.
  3.  Onions are well known for their sometimes miraculous ways in not only increasing the length and thickness of hair but also to reduce hair loss.  This is due to their Sulphur content.

Here is a recipe for your very own Eyebrows On Fleek kit:

What you will need; fenugreek seeds or powder, 1 inch slice of aloe vera leaf or organic aloe vera juice,  and 1 medium onion

a. Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight, then boil the seeds the next day.  Strain off excess water and then mash the cooked seeds into a paste.

b. Cut the pointy sides of the aloe vera leaf off.  Slice in the middle and then scrap the gel from either half of the leaf.

c. Boil the medium onion in one cup of water and then pour the juice off to cool.  Alternatively you can blend or grate the onion to extract the juice.

d. Combine all liquids to the fenugreek paste until the consistency is close to that of toothpaste.

e. Apply to eyebrows and leave on for one hour.

f. If using the fenugreek powder and organic aloe vera juice, just add the extracted onion juice and follow steps d through e.

Eyebrows On Fleek

We are all unique individuals, and realistically all of the tips listed above to grow your eyebrows fast naturally may not appeal to everyone.  What I will say to you is this, if you consistently apply all the tips or your own unique combination of the tips, you will get results.   Additionally, these are all natural ways that show you how to grow thicker eyebrows faster, so there are little to no risk involved. Comment below and let us know which tips is your favourite, which one(s) you will be using and of course your results!

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